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Empowering orphans living in extreme poverty using our 360 degree approach to bring solutions to entire communities by developing leaders with the knowledge to develop long-term solutions.




SOAP International is a nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of underprivileged orphans living in extreme poverty in East Africa through educational and training opportunities. These opportunities cultivate the lives of orphans who have a love of learning and desire to prosper their life and the lives of others. Through our educational and training opportunities students not only earn an education they are also mentored to become leaders in their communities. As a result, students develop a broader understanding of how to develop self-sustaining and growing improvement in the areas where our students and alumni reside. Making a donation to SOAP International will help us continue enriching the lives of orphans through education who in turn promote self-sustained human prosperity.

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Monetary support is raised via fundraising events, private donations and volunteer opportunities. All monies raised are put into a single bank account designated to act as a scholarship for the students sponsored by SOAP.

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Scholars display a deep desire to achieve educational and career goals to elevate their life and their community. The ultimate purpose of SOAP is to provide necessary funding to aid our exceptional students in achieving these goals. Learn More

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Dedicated young people scholarships that are committed to participating in a rigorous educational and training program to improve themselves and others. Scholarships are awarded based on applicant eligibility and available funding. Learn More

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Founded in 2010 to aid exceptional orphans in East Africa who are living in extreme poverty to experience higher learning so they can become leaders in their community by developing feasible solutions to reduce the challenges their communities face. Learn More

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Former Child Sudanese Refugee and ‘Lost Boy’ Dut Aguer Bior is committed to the futures of underprivileged orphans in East Africa. Despite Dut’s own struggles, he like many other refugees is remarkably generous and his endeavor is a moving story of courage, sacrifice and hope. Learn More